Establishing Operations in India

We focus on advising Multinational Telecommunications Corporations / Foreign Telecommunications Companies in establishing their operations in India, by evaluating the opportunity in the most efficient manner.

India today is one of the largest economies in the world, a strategic location with access to the vast domestic and South Asian market and also has a large and rapidly growing consumer market.

There is also a good talent pool of skilled manpower and professional managers available at competitive cost and it is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the world, spanning almost all areas of manufacturing activities.

As a result of the changing economic scenario as well as extended support from the Government in the form of tax holidays, special economic zones, duty concessions etc India has emerged as one of the most vibrant and dynamic of the developing economics and a favorable destination for investments in all sectors.

Our offerrings:
We have excellent knowledge and experience in acting as Telecommunications business advisors and consultants to Telecommunications strategies and manage the implementation of business initiation plans in India.

We facilitate interested companies at all stages of the business cycle – from oppurtunity identification , correct entry routes to assisting in structuring and providing post set-up services.

Country Entry Strategy
We suggest, plan and implement entry strategy in India for business by doing a detailed analysis of the market and evaluating alternative entry options.

We provide regular updates on Telecommunication related matters, market happenings and the business environments, which helps you in managing your business in better way. We offer advice based on real time threats and opportunities in the market.

Geographic Location Studies
We offer various location studies by evaluating the relative advantage of different states, cities and districts based on well-defined multi-perspective geographic, political and economic parameters.

Telecommunications Regulatory Approvals
We assist in processing various government clearances for clients entering the Indian market. We organize for the entire set of regulatory approvals ranging from Government of India, State Government, Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Registrar of Companies (ROC) and other concerned authorities.

Strong Professional Relations with Authorities
We work closely with IT & Communications Ministry, MAIT (Manufacturers Association of Indian Telecom), Electronics Industrial Association of India (ELCINA), Indian Cellular Association (ICA), and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association (TEMA) etc.

We also share a very strong professional relationship with various Central and State Government bodies. If required we can also approach them and convince them about the expediency of the project to win a favorable position for our clients.

Evaluation of Partners
Identifying potential partners, clients, suppliers etc and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses to support our clients business.

Investment Evaluation and Fund arrangement
We advise our clients on the investment decision and help them in maximizing their profit and manage better return. In playing a dual role of a financial advisor, we can also help our clients in raising funds at lowest possible cost through our strong relations with financial institutions and banks.

The Legal Aspect
We work with our legal associates, who aim to provide comprehensive business and financial legal services of the highest standard with promptitude to its clients.

They offer assistance to clients in identifying the risks attached to their business plans and suggest the ways of mitigating the same, thereby helping them in their decision of making exercises, as well as advice on various issues relating to tax, regulatory, statutory and non statutory requirements of governmental authorities.

Our legal associates helps clients in shaping, implementing and executing of different kinds of commercial transactions and in case of deadlocks, also negotiate solutions in the most practical way, using where necessary the techniques of litigation, conciliation or arbitration.

Our Value Add
Unlike other consultancy services providers we just do not provide raw data, we also help our clients on various other services, which are essential to make the business operational. Thus we also help them in implementing it. These services include:

Advisory as well as provision of specific contacts of Indian business houses and family groups, which will help your company in the long run of the business. If you require a joint venture, acquisition or a strategic tie-up our industry experience helps you in identifying a suitable partner .

We also arrange for specialist Human Resources Services to help you mange your policies and solve your staffing problems. We also arrange from specialists, services like assisting our clients in arranging for software services, logistics, property etc.

By doing this we help:
To enhance your practical knowledge and evaluation of the opportunity. Hence, reducing Considerably Your Risk And Uncertainty Saving Considerable Time (6-12 months) And Money on the Project.


1. You know ENSKAY is at work

Advising work is essentially based on experience and skill, but also on trust and the personal contact between advisor and company. The relationship must thrive and the chemistries must match. It is all about people. When you work with Enskay, the company Leadership team takes personal responsibility for your project.

Assistants may be used in the backroom, and a network of specialists and partners are used in areas of legal and audit issues, industry expertise and local expertise.

2. Not Just Consultants
ENSKAY takes on one project at a time, so your project gets full priority. We call our way of working “hands on execution”. We offer you more than just our experience. We take full responsibility for executing the transaction for you – working together with your company team.

3. We have been in your position
We have strong Telecom industry experience from executing previous projects and have been in your position as a company executive. We speak your language.

1. We bring an experienced, outside view to the project – and at the same time, participate as member of your company team.
2. We bring resources and experience from earlier transactions into your project, and communicate these with the CEO and team, particularly in areas such as:

  1. We evaluate oppurtunities for you
  2. We negotiate and get the best deal for your company
  3. We facilitate and organize the work with external parties (legal, finance , tax ,auditors)
  4. Making sure the entire process from Pre-study to Closing of the Deal is professionally planned and managed

3. We offer experience in integrating the acquired entities into your core company in an effective and efficient way.

Our expertise resides in our networking abilities amongst clients, investors and associates. Contacts we have personally cultivated over the past 2 decades.

The trend to globalization continues to motivate Indian business to investigate strategic investments and internal rationalization while a relatively stable, growing Indian economy is drawing international players into the country. These factors have provided a substantial opportunity for ENSKAY to grow as a focused specialist in cross-border advisory services.

The focus of our business is to help facilitate symbiotic strategic partnerships to foster their success in world markets as well as raising the necessary finances to fund their growth.

We are working closely with some Key Telecommunications Service providers to help them setup their shop and operations in India.

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