Data, Voice and Video networking

With new technologies being introduced very frequently, it is imperative to keep up with the innovations and developments in the field. Not adopting the most recent, proven technologies can not only hurt your competitiveness, but also can diminish your network efficiency and increase your costs.

The best approach is to invest the time in a strategic planning exercise to identify your diverse data, voice and video networking requirements. Then identify the technologies most capable of meeting those requirements and improving your organization’s productivity.

Convergence, also known as multi-service networking, refers to the integration of data, voice and video solutions onto a single IP based network.

Traditionally, voice traffic has been carried on circuit switched networks or networks made up of private lines and time division multiplexers. Enskay architects networks that present customers with an infrastructure and environment specifically designed to enable powerful multi-service technologies.

These multi-service or converged networks are deployed to support data, IP telephony and video as the initial convergence of these disparate networks to increase productivity and save costs through management of one data source.

A unified, IP-based network that integrates voice, video and data opens the door to an incredible wealth of applications that will make people more productive and businesses more competitive – by increasing efficiency, saving time, and greatly reducing costs.

New applications, lower cost of ownership, higher productivity, personalized user and client experiences, better availability and adaptability and a single point of management and administration – these are just a few of the business benefits of the IP-based multi-services network.

With years of industry experience and vast expertise in the field, we will advise you on the data network configurations that produce the highest efficiency, the most appropriate technologies currently available, the highest return on your investment, and more.

We will identify the highest priority improvement opportunities and can recommend the specific technologies best suited to meet your requirements, while paying close attention to the associated costs. Our team has the necessary skills required for:

  • Network design for both the WAN and LAN.
  • VOIP design and implementation services.
  • Video conferencing network design and implementation.
  • Integration of IP Call Centers
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