Business Continuity and Disater Recovery Plan

If power and telecom services went down due to natural disaster your business would come to a standstill / shutdown.

Business continuity plans need continuous updating and testing. If this is not done these plans may not serve the designed purpose during a disaster.

Dedicated resources assigned to ongoing maintenance of even the most detailed plans can help ensure business and revenue continuity in the event of a natural disaster.

Disaster recovery plans can include immediate recovery targets with step by step recovery plans for all telecom systems, including leased lines, phone lines, toll free services, data & voice networks, servers and systems and more.

A proper and detailed business impact analysis of a situation when telecom systems go down is necessary. And a business continuity plan based on the impact analysis can help in minimizing the downtime.

Enskay can assess your vulnerabilities and define the requirements to minimize the impact of business disaster. We can recommend solutions to minimize the impact, or even the possibility of downtime with your business critical systems.

Our Consultants will develop a business impact analysis that will identify the critical operations, processes and systems that require continuity planning, then help create a detailed business continuity plan.

Enskay has the industry experience and access to the latest disaster recovery best practices to help you properly prepare for unforeseen business disaster.

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