Web Research Services

We provide comprehensive web research services that include data mining, data extraction, data collection and validation.

By utilizing the expertise of our associates you can easily get all the required web research data for your company without spending large amount of money and time.
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You can continue to focus on the core activities of your organization and our associates will provide web research services that fully meet all your quality requirements.

Fully satisfying our customer requirement has been our top objective all along. We can provide customized web research services based on specific customer requirements.

Details of Web Research Services

Our web research services encompass a wide variety of businesses like telecom, financial, information technology, legal, insurance, marketing, healthcare, real estate, research, hospitality, pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing, and several others.

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Data mining – We have data mining capabilities that can help you in fulfilling all the information needs across diverse sectors of the industry.

Data extraction – With the help of our data extraction services you can easily get all the market intelligence required for positioning your business much ahead of your competitors. Our associates will provide you all the market and product research information required to achieve your business goals.

Data collection – Our associates can work on locating, extracting and collecting data from diverse online resources like standard web pages, blogs, forums, photos & images, text files, videos, brochures, catalogues, power point presentations, flash presentations and other s.

Data Validation – Our associate can validate, remove duplicates, cleanse and standardize all your databases thus helping you in efficient data storage and retrieval.

Advantages of our web research services:

  • Cost savings
  • Get high levels of accuracy using our associates trained for web research services
  • Committed turnaround time for your projects
  • Process quality as per agreed upon critical to quality parameters
  • Presentation of data in easy to access format

To find out how our web research services can help your business, send us a mail at – bpo@enskay.com

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