Telecom Traffic Study and Analysis

Traffic studies provide a means to accurately analyse the telephone usage pattern for an organization and accordingly choose the correct call rates , plans and service provider..

The Telephony setup and configuration in your organization can have a significant impact on the profitability. If you are paying for phone lines, which are not being fully utilized by your organization, it has an adverse effect on your bottom line. Similarly if you have fewer lines than what is needed, your customers will get a busy signal, representing a lost revenue opportunity for you.

Traffic engineering and traffic studies are complex with mathematical approach to recording and reporting the flow of calls in and out of your organization. With so many technical terms, acronyms and jargons traffic studies could be time consuming and difficult.

Enskay will help you optimize your telephony configuration by analyzing your traffic studies. Our Telecom experts will interpret the results and show the relationship between the findings and your business performance.

With years of extensive experience and expertise, our Consultants can recommend the configuration most likely to improve the efficiency and profitability of your organization.

If you are not receiving these reports from your service provider, Enskay will work with your service provider to initiate the recording of your call traffic. We will coordinate the accurate and timely reporting of these results in a format suitable to you.

Our analysis and assessments are completely objective and are conducted only with your best interest in mind. We will work with your current provider to make sure the reporting is suitable for you, or recommend an alternative provider whose reporting may be more applicable, all with your needs in mind.

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