Telecom Expense Management

Most large companies buy telecom services from multiple service providers and the key reasons for a multi-vendor policy is to (a) reduce cost and (b) risk diversification.

The number of products and services from each of these vendors is large, with each product having several flavors and rate plans.

Also the technologies being used by large corporations are a mix and match of legacy, new and emerging technologies.

In today’s dynamic business environment, where mobile and wireless networks are increasingly being utilized to make communications and productivity possible, enterprises are finding that telecom expenses are consuming a large piece of revenue, and needs to be addressed.

Telecom expense management helps enterprises to gain control, understanding and insight into their telecom expenses.

A complete telecom expense management solution includes things like- telecom billing management, auditing, charge back management, mobile management and procurement, vendor contract management.

However since the Telecom scenario is complex, hence an external Telecom consultancy firm, with experienced consultants, having up to date domain knowledge needs to be engaged.

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