IT and Network Security

As organisations embrace latest technologies in rolling out IT enabled systems and other technology initiatives, security, confidentiality  and privacy concerns as well as legal and regulatory compliance are issues that need immediate action. Information is  vital and constitutes an important asset for any company.Information security has always been a major challenge for most organizations.

Information security is more than a simple matter of technology. In reality, it should be part of an ongoing risk-management process, covering all of the information that needs to be protected.

We provide tailored security solutions for small to large organizations, telecommunication companies and governments. We have experts who possess proven competence in Information / Network Security Risk Analysis and Management which is backed by an unprecedented resource pool of talent and experience in Network Security, Information Risk Management, Privacy Protection, Incident Response, Information Security training, Risk Mitigation and Damage Limitation.

We can help find and solve various types of acute and chronic problems related to information systems and telecommunications security. We work closely with you to design comprehensive, practical and effective security solutions. We work on key functional elements such as:

* Telecommunications network security
* Disaster recovery and contingency planning
* Security operations, policies and procedures

We can provide you with an independent and objective evaluation of your present security system. The assessment is a broad can and review that defines security vulnerabilities within your organization. We recommend effective security solutions working closely with you to ensure security programs align with policy, management intent and culture.

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