Internet today has become a necessity for businsses. Gaining access to the Internet is a part of your everyday work Users expect Internet access to be there and work properly, with instant response to customers, vendors, and others with whom you do business.

We do a detailed analysis of your internet requirements to come up with recommendations. We will recommend the best solution for your size company, removing the burden and mystique of choosing a provider.We will find a Internet provider based on your needs.

These solutions could be based on DSL, Cable, n 64 Kbps, E1, E3 Dial-Up and more. The options we suggest will depend upon several factors, including:

* Security measures you have in place
* Number of users on your network
* Types of files (office, pictures, audio) with which you work
* Average file size you send and receive

For Internet connectivity to be efficient and cost effective, we will identify all your mission critical applications. Then we will suggest solutions in line with your expectations and budget constraints Our Consultants will work on your behalf with Internet service providers to ensure that you acquire only the packages and options suitable for your organization and that you pay for only the services you will use.

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