Data Conversion Services

With the help of skilled associates and latest technologies we provide quality data conversion services for our customers. Today information technology and data play an important role in business. And this is the reason companies require data in various formats, thus making data conversion services a critical to business factor.

Data Conversion Services Explained

data conversion services explained

data conversion services explained

The process of converting data from one format to another format can be very complex at times. If there are no tools available to do the conversion then data may have to be converted manually into another format.

Complex data conversion services can even involve converting data stored in an old database into a new relational database requiring several intermediate steps like validating, cleansing and creation of multiple tables.

We have all the latest technological tools like scanners and conversion software’s to undertake all kinds of data conversion projects for our customers. Using strict quality control measures we ensure that the accuracy and integrity of data is maintained during the conversion process.

Our Data Conversion Services Expertise

doing data conversion services

Executing data conversion services

Our data conversion services team has all the skills and expertise to undertake complex projects where cost and time constraints are critical for the customer. We can analyze your requirements and come up with a data conversion process that best suits your business requirements.

We have the experience of doing data conversion projects that involved word processor documents, pdf documents, image files, databases and several other kinds of file formats. We have done conversions to formats like XML, HTML, RDBMS, SGML, EXCEL, ACCESS, and other structured formations.

Some examples of the projects we have undertaken include:

  • Scanning of paper documents and conversion to digital format using OCR
  • Conversion and migration of data from one database to another
  • Conversion of raw text files into standard MS Word / Excel / Access
  • Conversion of text / word Document into HTML
  • Conversion of PDF document to MS word
  • Conversion of PDF / image document to Ms Excel
  • Conversion of image file to text using OCR
  • Conversion of text / Ms word document into device specific format
  • Conversion of web pages for viewing in hand held devices
  • And several other data conversion services…

By incorporating the steps of define, measure, analyze, improve and control we make sure the data conversion process produces data that is accurate, meeting all the critical to quality parameters. By following standard quality practices we are able to deliver data conversion services that are consistent and stable for long time periods.

To find out how our data conversion services can help your business, send us a mail at –

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